The Idea

In the days of gold, frankincense and silk, the travelling salesmen brought back home the finest fabrics, spices and garments from their worldwide travels. These products were treated like gems and appreciated like precious treasures, as they told stories from faraway lands, lion-hearted characters, and fabulous miracles…

In the days of plastic we order with one click – we buy it, sell it, love it – a product whose origin is foggy, whose story is long forgotten, whose spirit was lost somewhere in-between clicks and the analogue world.

However, it is its story that makes a product so precious. We want to tell these stories right from the beginning: from the day an idea is born, throughout the making of a product, about its journey across continents, all the way into your hands.
And the end of the story? You tell it, our customers!

Perelin is the night forest from Michael Ende’s famous novel »The Neverending Story.« A forest which grows during the night and sprouts from imagination. Just like this forest, we let ideas sprout which fill our products with life and our hearts with love.
Join us on this journey – we want you to be a part of our story!

Handmade Products

All our products are handmade and carefully selected with love, time and effort. Our producers are artisans from Berlin, Kathmandu and New Delhi whom we trust and whom we share close friendships with. We support young creative artisans in order to combine young design with traditional handicraft. We support female artisans whenever we can to fight poverty in places where it’s mostly needed.

Natural material

What’s most important for us is the quality and sustainability of our products. That is why we sell only products that are made from natural materials. All our materials can be fully recycled. Our jewelry is made from brass, silver, wood, seeds or nuts. Our textiles are made from wool, cotton, linen, viscose, and pashmina.

Tibetan singing bowls traditionally consist of an alloy of seven metals. The older they are, the purer their making. Ask us for more information on Tibetan singing bowls and get the chance to experience their therapeutical qualities!

As we have a big heart for animals and actively fight for their rights, you won’t find leather in any of our products.

Fair trade

We spend lots of time with our products and their stories. In cooperation with artisans, we design, we try, we study, we vary, we invest… until the final product matches our common ideas. Fair trade isn’t just a matter of course – it’s a core part of our concept. Long-term partnerships are just as important as transparent trade routes and adequate remuneration for our artisans.

Our artisans & producers

Portrait von Ropaa

Ropaa / Kathmandu

When Ropaa started looming raw wool into yarn ten years ago, she wouldn’t have thought that she would become the team leader and trainer of a team of employees. Knitting has been her passion since childhood, and she still loves her job. When Ropaa knitted her very first piece, a white and pink handkerchief for her husband, she could have never imagined that she would one day be able to sustain herself from her handicraft. Now her daughter Sarah has also joined the team; together they aim to produce the most beautiful knitwear in Nepal.

Portrait von Usha

Usha / Khahare

Usha has always been good at self-teaching and improvising. Since the first pieces of jewelry, a simple necklace and earrings made from colorful glass beads, she felt inspired by the jewelry she had seen »on the street.« Today, Usha loves to combine Western and local Nepali styles. You can see this creative fusion in her unique soap-nut seed and silver jewelry creations! For the last three years, Usha has worked as a trainer at the Kevin Rohan Eco Memorial Foundation where she gives jobs to local women from the Kathmandu Valley in order to empower them socially and financially.

Portrait von Asif

Asif / New Delhi

When I met Asif for the first time in 2011, he was 18 years old. He used to spend time in his older brother’s jewelry store in New Delhi where I liked to go and look around. One day, after not finding what I was looking for, I was about to leave when Asif suddenly called me back asking: »Want to see what I am making?« Then he showed me the most beautiful macramé jewelry! Macramé is a technique to knot stones, beads, and other materials into cotton thread. Asif uses this technique to make bracelets, necklaces, and hair-bands that all have a unique character. Today Asif is one of the most talented macramé artisans I know. We have been working together since 2011 and have become great friends. – Stefanie

Portrait von Marlene

Marlene / Berlin

During her travels Marlene alias Miss Geröllheimer found an old beer can and decided to cut it to pieces. While cutting she asked herself whether this piece of metal would make a gorgeous earring. Her friend said that this idea wouldn’t make sense at all. But when the first earring was finished, he shouted by surprise: »that’s the best earring I have ever seen in my whole life!« Ever since then, Miss Geröllheimer has collected everything she could possibly find and turned it into beautiful jewelry. These days the focus lies on stained brass and scratched metals which become single and paired earrings. They are looking for new owners!

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Perelin Team

Stefanie / Berlin

Stefanie has always loved to travel. After a one-year stay in India and Nepal, she decided to bring back home a collection of special souvenirs to sell them in the German Christmas markets. What a success! The people loved her stories, her products, her enthusiasm.

With Perelin, she lets the tradition of the traveling sales*woman / flying merchant fuse into a work of art. The forest becomes a symbol for the power of nature, the perpetual flourish of old traditions, flowering youth, and buds of creativity. Everything flourishing here has a story to tell!

When Stefanie isn’t touring from market to market, she and the night forest are putting down roots in Berlin, Germany. You can find her 2016 in the christmas market in Reutlingen near Stuttgart.